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natures messageIn these fast changing times, I feel it essential for us all to live from our hearts, be fully connected to who we are and to spread love. To move forward from where we have been takes courage and strength and this is where I aim to help you. I have my own journey, as we all do, and it feels good to me to share and help others as they go along their journey. As well as sharing my own thoughts and experiences through blogs, I offer distant healing/CKT treatment & recorded channelled guidance/readings. I also make personalised nature essences. Please see my Gratitude page for Testimonials.

Sometimes we grow up with the belief that we have to live a certain way, be the person we are told we should be, be the person we have been led to believe we are. When we come to the stage where we choose to step forward on our path and fully live from our hearts, we then face the task of leaving our old selves and all our familiarity behind. There is a certain comfort in the familiar, even if we know it is not what we want or who we are it can be hard to spread our wings and step into the unknown. This can bring up fear, doubt, anxiety, guilt and other emotions which are the very things that hold us back. Sometimes we need a helping hand from someone who really understands, to let go of these things that we do not really need… This is what I aim to help you with, to help you move forward and be the very best you can be, physically, mentally and spiritually. We can all do it together, none of us need be alone with our “stuff!”

natures messageNature is the best teacher ever, no matter how small, every ripple of love and happiness we can spread sows seeds. Once sown, seeds will always sprout, nature takes over and pushes the shoots through the earth sending them towards the light. Bad stuff cannot survive in the light and the more light we live in the more love grows and the darkness fades to nothing.

Debbie xxx


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