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I am Debs, I am a healer and empath. I work with people who are in need of healing and guidance to help them move forward in life. I believe it is essential for us all to live from our hearts and to be fully connected to who we are. It is my firm belief that we all have our own ability to connect to ourselves and to find the answers within, however, we often can get stuck and confused with where we are going, what we are doing and how to get where we want to be. This is where I aim to help, to assist you to uncover and shift the blocks inside of yourself, to help you step forward free of old emotions, limitations and burdens into a life where you can feel free, full of courage, strong, happy, healthy and connected. If you feel you are being held back in some way then please do get in touch. My work includes distant healing and recorded channelled readings to help you on your journey, please see my testimonials and also the bookings page for more information.

I also work with animals, particularly those who are displaying emotional imbalance of some kind.

“Nature is the best teacher, no matter how small, every ripple of love we can spread sows seeds. Once sown, the seeds will sprout, nature takes over and pushes the shoots through the earth sending them towards the light. Bad stuff cannot survive in the light and the more light we live in the more love grows and the darkness fades to nothing”
With love
Debs xxx.

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