The monthly nature of you (and me).

Periods have been a pain for me since they started. For so many years they were incredibly painful and debilitating to the point where I could not function normally for at least 3 days every month. As time has gone … Read More

Make your own Vibrational Essences Workshop

16th June 2019 Abington Barn, Cambridge. Have you ever used a rescue remedy or a similar flower essence? If you have, you will know how helpful these remedies can be to balance emotional states and improve mental well-being. Vibrational essences … Read More

Adapt or give up, which do you choose?

I came across this tree today. At some point in time it would have been upright and growing in a “normal” fashion. It’s roots however were based in a crumbling bank and perhaps were not as strong or deep as … Read More

Boundaries – Acceptance vs Allowance

This word “Acceptance” has become quite popular in the realms of self help. I absolutely agree that acceptance is important. We should accept ourselves and we should also accept others for who they are and not push to change them. … Read More

Do Nothing But Love.

Our natural reaction, generally, when seeing a loved one in emotional or physical pain, is to try and fix it. Maybe there is someone you care for who is in a relationship which looks and feels destructive and unhealthy yet … Read More

Embrace Your Human Self!

So many of us are on a spiritual quest, a journey, a path, whatever you want to call it, we are seekers and looking always for that spiritual goal of peace, joy, oneness, unconditional love amongst other things. You name … Read More

Springing back to life (boing!)

With any change of season comes changes within the body, be they physical, mental or emotional. We are natural beings therefore we are not excluded from the process that nature takes, year in, year out. During the change from summer … Read More