The Papillon ProjectOver the years I have been working in natural health, I have noticed how many of us have suffered sexual abuse at some time in our lives, the majority in childhood. The wounds and scars this leaves us with can be huge but also very different for each of us – from physical conditions affecting the skin and organs to emotional and mental conditions affecting thought patterns, beliefs, behaivour and the way we react to events and others.

Having survived sexual abuse experience for myself, I know just how important it is to get help from those who really understand. My first experience of trying to get help came in the form of counselling. This was with a lady who although terribly sweet, had no idea how to deal with this 16 year old suicidal wreck who would not voluntarily discuss her earlier experiences, just hoped that someone would ask the right questions…

I feel very blessed to have met so many people along my path who really do understand what it is like to live with those memories, to understand the quirks, the strange beliefs and thoughts we have to battle to change and heal. I have been lucky, I have stumbled across the right things (also crashed into the wrong ones) and I think we all do this, there is no “Dummies Guide to Overcoming the effects of Sexual Abuse”, we just have to fly by the seat of our pants and keep pushing forwards the best we can. The relief of finding others who, on listening to the odd thoughts you may have respond with “Oh yes, yes, I know that one” is enormous.

It is my hope that if I can help others through this particular area of life, then what happened to me will continue to be put to positive use, that others may benefit from my own experiences and being able to share with someone who really understands, who does not judge. The Papillon Project is named from the French for butterfly, butterflies speak for themselves, they emerge from an apparently frozen state, to appear as beautiful butterflies who find their wings and fly free.

The treatments I offer work well with emotions and issues that have been “held in”. Guilt. Shame. Embarassment. Fear. Anger. Loneliness…. All these emotions if left in place can cause a myriad of problems, physical, emotional and mental. If you are on this healing journey yourself and are looking for a natural therapy and support to move forward from a fellow survivor then please do get in touch. I would love to hear from you.

In the future I am aiming to give talks and workshops to assist with these issues. If you are a member of a support network and would like to arrange for me to give a talk sharing healing methods and experiences on this subject, please let me know. I also will be offering one to one retreats from May 2015 in the beautiful Brittany countryside, please contact me if you would like to know more.

Debbie xxx