Animal Communication

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I have loved animals since as long as I can remember. We always had pets as a family and I was lucky enough to grow up on a farm and experience spending time with many different animals, including an orphaned baby barn owl called Archimedes who I was blessed to assist grow strong and move on to live back in the wild with a family of his own. I believe that animals have a powerful healing ability and can touch our lives deeply. Sometimes however, it is the other way around, and we are the ones that the animal looks to for help and assistance.

If you feel your pet needs some assistance, guidance or healing then you can book him/her a session with me, I work from a distance so a photograph of the animal is helpful. Every animal is unique and sometimes only one session is needed, other times several spaced out over a few weeks or months are appropriate, I will not know this until I have connected with your animal to see what help is needed. Some animals respond very quickly and others can be a little slower to change, each situation is different. Once I receive your information I will aim to do the session within 14 days, if your request is urgent, please tell me in the comments box.

How does Animal Communication work?

Many years ago I was lucky enough to participate in a course to learn Animal Communication. I was taught the methods of Amelia Kinkade, author of “Straight from the Horses Mouth”- an excellent read if you would like to begin doing this yourself. Animal communication can be done by us all, it is a matter of tuning in and being open to receive what the animal has to say, sometimes very little but sometimes a lot! Animals communicate through pictures so I establish a connection energetically with the animal in question and ask them to communicate with me, sometimes they send pictures of things around them to help me understand if something in their environment is not working for them, sometimes I hear them speak to tell me what is bothering them. An example of this was a horse I treated who presented with incredibly itchy skin, so bad that she would push against anything available to use as a scratching post, her owner included! She was also incredibly highly strung and her owner had problems staying in the saddle. On tuning into her I found that she had been separated from her mother far too early and in a very sudden way. Her itchy skin was because she was angry that this had happened and not understanding why, but also fear and anxiety that she was never sure what would happen next. This resulted in her never being able to be still, she was actually fearful that if she stayed still for long everything around her would change. Once she had communicated this I was able to reassure her that she was safe and give her healing treatment, her whole demeanour began to change and after four sessions she was calm, her skin was no longer itching and her owner could ride her without issue. A really happy ending for a concerned owner and a previously very agitated mare.

I combine this communication with my own healing methods to help animals when they are out of sorts, physically or emotionally. So far I have worked primarily with horses and dogs but also spent time working with wild animals, particularly those in captivity. A further example is a dog I worked with who was suffering with terrible skin problems, particularly around her legs and lower body, she had been given medication from the vets but it did not seem to be working. When I tuned into her she showed me a brief picture of her walking on the pavement and having to lift her feet as quickly as possible, she also showed me a plastic bottle with a warning label. From this I established that the pavements locally had been sprayed with a powerful pesticide and it was this that was causing the allergic issues. I sent healing to her immune system to help support it and her owners made sure to take her a different route from then on and the problem was resolved with 1 session.

You can read more about my healing methods on my Healing/Readings page. When I began to make essences to help with emotional issues, it was my time working with rescue animals that inspired this, you can read about these on my Essence page. Rescued animals particularly can have issues from the past that will benefit from this work as well as an essence made to suit them.