Essences made from flowers such as the Bach and Bush Flower Essences have always been of interest to me. I began experimenting with them many years ago and found them hugely beneficial for myself as well as for my animals. They are a fantastic add on to most other therapies but also work well when taken alone, particularly in emergency situations, for people or pets.

I now make my own essences and I love making them for others. I like to make them personally for the individual who has asked for help, be that a person or on behalf of an animal. I make them in harmony with nature, the elements and seasons.

The essences are vibrational and preserved in spring water and organic cider vinegar. Below is an example of the kinds of essences I make, please feel free to contact me to discuss your requirements and I can make one just for you or your pet. The essences are 30ml in size so a bottle lasts a long time.

People Essences

Rescue Me
For situations where immediate calming is needed but also to bring about a sense of peace and to ease feeling overwhelmed. For people or pets.

Survive & Thrive
To increase confidence, help with feeling strong and empowered to not just get through life but positively thrive in it.

For those times where it feels that the sun is not shining in your life, the aim of this essence is to help elevate your mood, if you feel a bit doom and gloom and your spirits need a kick up the bottom then this may be the essence for you!

Heart break of any kind can cause the heart to close. This essence aims to assist when you are trying to open your heart to receive and give love in equal measure.

Shields Up
If you regularly have situations where you feel shadowed or negatively affected by others energy then this essence aims to help provide you with a cloak of protection to keep your energy strong and secure.

Pet Essences

Don’t be scared
So many things can cause our pets to feel anxious, fireworks, being left alone, new people, new animal friends, car journeys, new locations… Whatever the cause of the fear, this essence aims to help your pet feel calm.

Rescue for Rescue
Having spent time working with rescue animals, I saw the need for an essence that helps an animal to understand that life is changing and that they are now safe and secure. This essence can help if an animal is finding it hard to adjust to a new home, has suffered abuse or neglect or is in an emergency state.

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Love, Shields Up, Sunshine, Survive & Thrive

Who is it for?

People, Pets