Reading & Healing

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It is my intention to assist you to heal the root cause of the issues you are experiencing, be they physical, emotional or spiritual or you just do not feel the way you would like to. I am an empath so when I connect with you I feel what you are feeling and this gives me the information to help focus on the areas where healing is required, it also gives the understanding of what it is you need to do to help clear blocks and move forward in your physical and emotional health. I work with spiritual healing and *CKT (Chirokinetic Therapy) to send the healing energy that you need.

Once I have sent the healing energy to you, I will record an audio report of my findings and any channelled guidance that is given to help you move forwards. Every person is different, we may suffer similar symptoms to the person beside us, but the underlying reasons for those symptoms are always unique to you, this is what I aim to assist with, to help you to understand why these symptoms, emotions or blocks are there and to help you help yourself to address them.

To book your session fill out the booking form and tell me what you would like help with. Once I receive your information I will aim to do the session within 14 days, if your request is urgent, please tell me in the comments box. If you have any questions prior to booking a session then please contact me.

After your first healing/reading session, I also offer telephone/skype sessions. These give you an opportunity to ask questions, discuss progress and receive further support and guidance. You can book these directly by email.