I have been living in the world of spirituality, healers and psychics for over 40 years and I have encountered good, bad and indifferent during that time. I am rarely impressed, but Debs definitely impressed me!

My Mum and I have both had readings from Debs and she is incredibly accurate. I also can’t thank her enough for the comfort and healing she sent when my Mum’s budgie was very sick, wearing her animal communicator hat. It helped me tremendously in looking after Sky during the last months of his life.

Debs has a gentle and caring nature which shines through the reading. She doesn’t sugar coat the message, but it is sent with such love it is softened in the process.

I heartily recommend a reading from Debs if you don’t feel well, or have concerns about an animal’s health. I like to get a reading from her purely to make sure that I am on track and if there is anything I should be doing to improve my health. She is one of life’s gems and I am honoured to call her friend!