“Debbie has a true gift – and I am so glad that she gifted me with the most insightful reading I have ever had: I asked a couple of questions to get the party started and I was utterly spellbound as I read the reading that Debbie had returned to me. The message was so deeply loving and positive, no soft-soaping but real practical insights and gentle prods that only Spirit can provide! I am thrilled that Debbie’s intuitive and deeply spiritual nature is being steered this way – she is such a gift to all of us who need advice and assistance: I refer to her reading for me as a “gift” because I was at such a tremendous crossroads after completing cancer treatments and it offered signposts to all that I had hoped for, and far more. I would 100% recommend Debbie to anyone who wanted to find out more about their life path and relationships.”

Callie - UK

“Thank you for such a clear and loving reading. The wisdom you channeled saw behind the questions I asked to what was in my heart, but was being ignored. You have given me the help I need to follow my heart and to change my focus”.

Elizabeth - UK

“Debbie did a reading for me two weeks ago, and I’m still completely blown away from it, it was so accurate and it was exactly how I felt. I for years I have been fighting with myself, asking myself questions “why can’t I be a healer”, “why can’t I go out to the world and teach” I always felt I was missing a huge piece of my life’s puzzle. Debbie’s reading confirmed my thoughts and feelings, with the information she gave me, I now feel completely at peace with my spiritual self. Bless you Debbie”.

Brenda - UK

“I had a wonderful reading from Debbie at a time when I was feeling very unsure and had lots of questions. Not all of the questions were answered directly but I was given a far greater insight into the reason for this which was that the answers were within me and it has given me much needed confidence to look within and find those answers. I felt a great sense of peace and felt very loved, reassured and protected, knowing that I am being looked after and the knowledge i was given I know is just what i was in need of. Thank-you Debbie for bringing these uplifting words to me, and many love and blessings to you”.

Charlotte - UK

“Dear Debbie, thank you so very much for reading, which I hope will carry me a step further again. Since the previous reading I have been able to tune into my heart and listen carefully. I have not allowed my mind to overrule my heart. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your help & support at this turbulent time in my life. Love & blessings”.


“Debbie, Many thanks for this. Wow, both of us are very impressed at the accuracy of the reading especially the personal things regarding how I feel and what is happening. Kind regards”.


“Dear Debbie, Thank you so much for my reading,i know that i have been blocking myself but to be told that and just to be able to clear myself with what you have suggested will be really wonderful. Thank you again,much love xx”.


“Debbie, Thank you so much for the positive reading…. you were so spot on.. so I’ll try and implement the changes you mentioned. Thanks again xx”.

“Thank you so much for this! There are several points that get what I’m feeling down to a T. Basically it is fantastic thank you!! Took me a while to take in all that you said, but so so true. It’s almost like your reading was a mental slap round the face which I needed!!!!! Thank you so much for this, I feel so much better already and its only a week!!!!”.


Dear Debbie, Thank you so much, that’s really wonderful – it’s just what I need to try and sort things out for myself. I will be doing all that you & spirit suggest! Lots of love and hugs.xxx


“Hi Debbie, I’ve just stopped sobbing enough to say thank you. I’ve sat trying to think of the words but I can’t… your acute perception, a feeling of restoration… I just know this remedy is a beautiful gift and just what my heart has been asking for. Thank you for your loving support. You have a beautiful talent”.

J. - UK