I run a one day workshop teaching you how to make your own vibrational essences for yourself, your family , friends and pets. The day involves the theory behind essences, how they are made and how they work. Materials will be provided for you to create and bottle your own essence on the day and all the information you need to take away and make your own at home.

Workshops can be organised for you if you can get a group of 10+ participants together, feel free to contact me to discuss. Dates and other information for currently organised workshops are below.

A One Day Workshop – Make your own Vibrational Essences

Have you ever used a rescue remedy or a similar flower/crystal essence? If you have, you will know how helpful these remedies can be to balance emotional states and improve mental well being. Vibrational essences can be used to assist in any emotional state, to clear blocks and to help you to stay balanced but the best thing is, you can learn to make your own whenever you need them!

In this fun and interesting one day workshop you will learn – vibrational essence workshop

  • How and why vibrational remedies work.
  • Different ways to decide what a remedy needs to contain.
  • How to create your own essence.
  • How to make essences for your family and friends.
  • How your pets could benefit.

We will begin the workshop by learning how the essences work and by the end of the day, you will have created your own essence to take home and know how to make them in the future.

Workshop with Debbie includes all materials to make your own remedy on the day and includes refreshments. Please bring your own lunch.

Date & Time: Saturday 20th June. 10am – 5pm.
Venue: Ringwood, Hampshire.
Cost including materials: £25.
Booking: Please contact Debbie – naturesmessage@gmail.com.

See flyer for printable version.